Justin Bieber, Chris Brown's 'Next 2 U' Video Leaks

Early cut of clip depicts dramatic love stories for both singers intertwined with apocalyptic theme.

Director Colin Tilley promised that the video for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's "Next 2 U" would be "big," and a leaked early cut of the video is just that.

The whole thing plays out like a movie, complete with dialogue, drama, lots of action, and of course, singing and dancing. It opens with Brown and his love interest dancing, kissing and joking around with one another. Justin Bieber is then seen hugging and kissing his girlfriend and telling her, "I've been waiting for you all day," before presenting her with a necklace. Things get dark when the pair are caught together by her dad, who then takes her away.

"I told you not to see him again," he tells his daughter.

Bieber's story is intercut with Brown's. Brown is dreaming of his girl when he looks outside and sees that the world appears to be ending around them. Cars are exploding and people are running around in a panic.

As the destruction continues, Brown stands in the street singing the love song. Meanwhile, Bieber stands on a rooftop, pining for his lady, also singing the tune.

More shots of each of the happy couples play as reminders of times when things weren't so uncertain. Viewers are reminded of the destruction by the song's lyrics, "One day when the sky is falling/ I'll be standing right next to you/ Right next to you."

The couples do eventually make their way back to one another, but it's not all peachy keen when they do. Just as Brown finally meets up with his love interest after running through the streets, she's hit by a car.

As the video closes out, a big dance break takes place as Bieber's lady runs around trying to find him. They meet up on the roof where he was singing, and it appears that both couples will somehow survive their tragedies.

Before the video leaked, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, seemed confident that fans wouldn't be disappointed by the clip. He tweeted, "Just saw a rough cut of the #NEXT2YOU video with @justinbieber and @chrisbrown ! @ColinTilley is goin' in!!"

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