Swizz Beatz Promises 'Art Piece' Video For Bono, Kanye West Collabo

Swizz says Kanye originally recorded three verses for 'Skyscrapers' track, leaving no room for his own contribution to the song.

Swizz Beatz has friends in high places. For his upcoming Haute Living album, the multiplatinum producer reached out to U2's Bono and Kanye West to lend their touch to a track called "Skyscrapers." The thought of the three stars on a single track is enough to excite any music fan, but Swizz told MTV News how the song almost became a Kanye West solo affair.

Swizz played the track for 'Ye, whom he considers a brother, and got verbal confirmation from the Louis Vuitton Don that he would appear on the song. But after Kanye laid down his vocals and sent the track back, Swizz found that Yeezy had completed the entire song himself. "He gives me the track back, done, three verses, the chorus there and a bridge. So I'm like, there ain't no room for me on that thing!" Swizz says laughing. "I'm like, 'Not on this one, baby.' So I got two extra verses in the stash."

As of now, there is no telling where those extra Kanye vocals will end up, but fans can expect to hear "Skyscrapers" and see a video for the track soon — even if the three featured artists don't appear in the clip. Judging by Swizzy's description of both the track and the video, fans should get ready for a thought-provoking experience.

"I felt like there was a lot of things going on in the world that was bigger than all of us. So as of right now, we're not in the video," Swizz says of the song's visuals, which he has already begun working on. "It's like an art piece. It's like a documentary of the world as we don't know it, but kind of know it. You know these things are going on in the world, but you don't really know to what degree they're going on in the world. So I took time out to piece up a couple of visuals that represent that — moving visuals. Right now, me, Bono, Kanye, we're trying to figure out what's the right way to have that message."

Swizz warns that since the video is still in development, things can change between now and the release.

Are you looking forward to hearing Swizz's collaboration with Bono and Kanye? Let us know in the comments.