B.o.B Calls New Album 'A Real Special Project'

Sophomore set is halfway done, 'Airplanes' MC tells MTV News.

[artist id="3238990"]Bobby Ray[/artist] is about to embark on a new adventure. After making his mark in 2010 with his debut #1 single "Nothin' on You," B.o.B is in the studio working his magic, recording his sophomore album. The "Airplanes" MC told MTV News that he is about 50 percent done with his follow-up on Atlantic Records.

"I feel like I'm about halfway through it, and I wouldn't even say because of how many songs I have," said B.o.B, who was nominated for several BET Awards on Tuesday. "It's kinda like as an artist you absorb, it's like a sponge, you absorb it and then you gotta give it back out. I still feel like I got more to put out. I got more to say. So I can record songs all day, but until I get everything out that I want to say, that's pretty much what the wait is."

B.o.B isn't ready to reveal the album's title just yet, but he does say that he's been working on the LP for quite some time. "I feel like it's all about timing," he said. "It's the right timing and I haven't revealed the name of the album yet, but I've been working on this since before The Adventures of Bobby Ray, so it's a real special project."

While there is no set release date for his sophomore set, B.o.B is hopeful that music will start to materialize before the year's end.

"With this one, it's definitely like the next step and progress of what's coming out, and I would definitely look forward to music this year," he said.