‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds: ‘Don’t Stop,’ James Durbin!

America stops believin' in the eliminated rocker and Haley Reinhart gets her R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

This week, the “American Idol” top four sang inspirational tunes, which meant shout-outs to Jesus, tornados and Charlize Theron movies about lesbian serial killers.

[Clip of James Durbin singing 'Don't stop!']


Haley shouted at America, “What about the earth?!!” and then shouted at the judges, “What about fairness?”

[Clip: Judges critique Haley, a loud "motor" noise plays over it.]

What’s that noise?

[Clip: Randy says round one went to everyone but Haley, a giant BUS graphic enters frame and squashes her.]

In round two, Lady Gaga showed up to invade their personal space and help them tap into their wild side.

[Gaga says to Haley: "Give them 'I'm a little crazy and I'm a laugh away from a tear.' "]

Were you not watching the first half of this episode?!

Then Scotty acted like Gaga was the devil even though he was the one who looked possessed.

[Clip of Scotty singing "Young Blood" — "Lookie there, lookie there, lookie there, lookie there" with crazy eyes in four different camera angles.]

[Jim says, "Oh my f---ing Gaga," in four different camera angles, mimicking Scotty.]

On Thursday night’s results show …

[James Durbin's adorable baby sings his ABC's over the Internet]

Ooh, pitchy!! I’m totally kidding, you guys. [Jim whispers] It was a little pitchy.

And results!
[Haley joins Lauren in the top three!]

[Jim vomits rainbows.]

And in the end, we all learned that it wasn’t Adam Lambert who James Durbin was copying … it was Chris Daughtry.


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