Saigon Wishes Prodigy Would 'Downplay' Their 2007 Fight

'It's newsworthy, but downplay it like I've been doing all these years while you been in jail,' he says during 'RapFix Live.'

Prodigy's autobiography, "My Infamous Life," continues to cause a stir in the rap community. In the book, Prodigy gives his account of the 2007 fight between him and rapper Saigon at New York City's SOB's nightclub. During his visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (May 11), [artist id="1453047"]Saigon[/artist] explained to Sway the origins of his and P's beef and expressed his disappointment with the rapper's decision to write about the incident and still bring it up in interviews.

"When he's with Alchemist and it's just him, he's, 'Nah, man. It ain't no problem, it ain't no problem,' " Saigon said of Prodigy and their mutual producer friend. "But then when it's 30 or 40 of them, it's a problem again. I can't respect a man who ain't the same all the time."

Since the fight, Saigon said he and Prodigy met about four or five times and made peace. "While Prodigy was locked up, they was trying to bait me into talking reckless about him. Every time somebody interviewed me, I had nothing but good things to say," Saigon said. "Then he comes out, not only in the book, but in an interview recently up at This Is 50, he's talkin' reckless again."

Saigon told Sway that Prodigy had been texting the rapper in attempts to get a song done. "That's why I don't understand. He's texting me sayin', 'I'm tellin' Alchemist we should do a song and just to squash the beef,' " Saigon revealed. "And then he goes, does an interview and starts dissin' me again. So I'm like, 'I understand you got a book to sell; I got an album to sell, The Greatest Story Never Told, but I'm not trying to use you to sell my album, man.' "

In an attempt to put the beef behind them, Sai-Giddy suggests that Prodigy downplay the situation when it comes up in interviews. "I left it alone. It's three years ago, homey. I understand that people bring it up, it's newsworthy, but downplay it like I've been doing all these years while you been in jail," he said.

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