David Guetta Says Nicki Minaj Was Initially 'Shy' In Studio

'Then I played that record and she started to jump from her chair,' Guetta tells MTV News of his 'Where Them Girls At' partner.

Released just about a week ago, David Guetta's latest single, "Where Them Girls At," featuring rapper Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, is already making noise on the charts. Following a string of successful U.S. hit singles, the song is currently in the top 10 on iTunes, an achievement the French DJ/producer is proud of, especially given the circumstances of its release.

Guetta was recently the victim of a computer hacking theft, which led him to rush the joint out without radio promotion or a music video. "Some hackers stole an a capella [version] of 'Where Them Girls At,' Guetta told MTV News. "And I was really not ready, because I made a remix for Snoop and we released that record together, the 'Sweat,' record. (It's absolutely huge everywhere, but they didn't really work it in the U.S. I think it's probably going to come back because it's really big.)

"I was not supposed to release the record so soon," he revealed. "And I was thinking of maybe using the Taio [Cruz] record as a first single. [Hackers] stole the a capella and someone produced some music around it and put my name on it and put it on the Net. So it was horrible, I really didn't like the music. People thought it was me."

Guetta is not taking the matter lightly, even hiring a Pentagon security specialist to track down the culprits. "To put out music that is not even finished, this is really disrespectful to the music. I was really mad," he added. "I started to ask people that really do security when it comes to computers, you know, specialists. So we hired this guy who's been working for the Pentagon, for security. So this is serious."

Still, even though 'Where Them Girls At' wasn't released how he planned it, Guetta is looking on the bright side.

"I had to react to this by releasing the record without any promotion," Guetta said, "Without a video, without anything. And what is really incredible and crazy is that the record is #1 on iTunes in every country in the world. It's #3 in the U.S. right now [last week]. So it's absolutely unbelievable."

The success of the banger can probably be attributed in part to the undeniable beat, which is what won over an initially hesitant Nicki Minaj. "The first time you're in the studio with someone, it's sometimes difficult," Guetta explained. "She was being a little shy or reserved, you know. And then I played that record and she started to jump from her chair and scream. And she was like, 'Wow, I love this!'

"It was an amazing start working together because I really wanted to work some more with her. I'm a really huge fan. To be honest, it's very rare that I call artists — most of the time they call me. I've been chasing her for like a year because I really wanted to work with her," Guetta confessed.

Flo Rida was similarly excited when he first heard the track, according to the French crossover star. "When I played the song with Nicki, after I had her vocals, when I played it for Flo, he was going crazy!" Guetta gushed. "He was so happy. He was really excited about it!"

Guetta, Flo and Nicki plan to shoot the video in Los Angeles in the next few weeks, and while he wouldn't disclose much about the concept, he said the clip will have "a positive message."

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