Katy Perry To Release 'Last Friday Night' As Next Single

Singer tweets that video for track could 'break the Internet.'

For those of you wondering what the next single off Katy Perry's Teenage Dream would be, the wait is over. Perry is set to release the party jam "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" as the album's next single.

"Recognize that face? Katy reveals her official album artwork for the 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)' Remixes!" the message on her Facebook page reads. The photo features Katy in nerdy gear, including mouth guard and glasses, and was taken when she hosted the Teen Choice Awards last summer. The image is surrounded by '80s-style neon colors and swirly graphics.

Apparently a video has also been shot for the track, although there are no details yet. Perry

target="_blank">tweeted, "I told someone about my new music video I just filmed & they responded with 'wow, that's gonna break the internet.' ... Should I knock on wood?"

The song involves Perry recounting the debauched fun she and her pals had last Friday night. "Last Friday night/ Yeah, we danced on tabletops/ And we took too many shots/ Think we kissed but I forgot/ Last Friday night/ Yeah, we maxed our credit cards/ And got kicked out of the bar/ So we hit the boulevard," she sings.

On the chorus, she continues, "Last Friday night/ We went streaking in the park/ Skinny-dipping in the dark/ Then had a ménage à trois/ Last Friday night/ Yeah, I think we broke the law/ Always say we're gonna stop-op/ Whoa-oh-oah."

The song was produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Perry co-wrote the track with Bonnie McKee, Martin and Luke. This is the fifth single off Teenage Dream, which dropped last summer. Previous hits off the album include "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream," "Firework," and "E.T."