'Glee'-Cap: Fleetwood Mac And Mr. Tubbington Spread 'Rumors'

This week's Rumours-themed episode was so well-paced, we hardly noticed the gratuitous little kids.

Coach Sylvester's plot to tear apart the glee club from the inside on this week's "Glee" lead to two amazing things: a fast-moving plot and an inspired episode-long tribute to Fleetwood Mac's classic Rumours. And also, we met the show's newest breakout star, Brittany's enormous cat, Mr. Tubbington. Sing along to celebrate his debut:

Fondue for two,

Starting Rumours with a "u."

Brittany spills that Naya's thrilled

When a lady wants to screw.

Enter Coach Sue

Spreading all sorts of lies and myths.

Channeling Fox News

Rumors taken as truth.

Is Sam a cheat? Is Schue a theater geek on the move

With a revue

About what it's like to be a Chenoweth?

Oh "Glee," it's great to see your quality come back

The tone you aced, and so well paced, and the awesome Fleetwood Mac.

At first I said, "Where's Blaine?" but I was so damn entertained

By the latest "Glee" star: a giant cat.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow ...

"Bartie" are through.

He called her stupid.

"Never Going Back Again" joined by a guitar playin' Jew,

Good ol' Noah Puckerman.

Stakeouts for two.

Lots misconstrued.

Are Finn and Rachel back together?

Quinn thinks it's true.

She's in a mood.

Here we go again.

Sam's in a motel with his siblings and pop

He had to sell his gee-tar to a sleazy pawn shop.

Finn and Rachel help the jock.

He's into riot grrrrl punk rock?! [B-roll of the "Bikini Kill" sticker on Sam's guitar case]

Sam's poor now, so his hair looks like a mop.

But oh, "Glee," it worries me that you're adding little kids

It's a tell-tale sign that an aging show's about to hit the skids.

Like a day-old croissant, brats are a big ol' DO NOT WANT.

But fat cats are cool, so show more of him.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.