Matt And Kim Promise A 'Sweaty Dance Party' At O Music Awards

Show streams live from Las Vegas tonight at 11 p.m. ET on and

While MTV News is getting ready to rock out at the O Music Awards, streaming live tonight from Las Vegas at 11 p.m. ET, we have our team reporting from in and around the festivities, trying to get the scoop from fans and featured musicians alike.

MTV TJ Gabi Gregg caught up with creative duo Matt and Kim to get some details about their upcoming performance, as well as their thoughts on Chiddy Bang's efforts to win the "Longest Rap Freestyle" crown.

"We hope it's going to be in typical Matt and Kim fashion," keyboardist Matt Johnson said of their performance. "A sweaty dance party, I think."

"I don't even think we have to think about it," drummer Kim Schifino added. "I think Vegas is going to bring that for us."

Regarding what they could tease about said sweaty dance party, Johnson teased that there will be audience involvement and possibly a few balloons.

"We've been known to play in the center of the room with our audience around us. We're so much about the whole thing being a part of the experience," he said. "Not just us; the whole audience is part of the experience too, and in this situation, I love that we're going to be in the center of the crowd.

"I do know that there's a thing called globophobia, which is the fear of balloons, and there might be a lot of balloons involved coming up later," he teased.

Schifino and Johnson haven't been focusing all their attention on the performance, however. They're especially interested in Chiddy Bang's nine-hour freestylin' feat.

"We were watching online," Schifino said. "I've also been twittering at him, throwing out things he could talk about. I don't know if he's actually incorporated any of that, but, you know, typical 'Kim is awesome,' 'Kim has a slammin' booty.' "

Awesome Kim-isms aside, Schifino went on to say that she's amazed that Chiddy, a.k.a. Chiddy Bang's Chidera Anamege, has the stamina to keep rapping.

"It's stressful to watch, because you're there rooting for him," she said. "He can't take more than a three-second break. I couldn't talk for nine hours, let alone freestyle and be creative with it."

The inaugural O Music Awards will stream live from Las Vegas tonight at 11 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. PT on Tune in to see who will reign supreme in categories like Most Viral Dance, Funniest Music Short and NSFW Music Video!