Thomas Gold And Axwell Want 'Sing To Me' To Be 'Perfect'

German DJ/producer's already successful year highlighted by 'AGORa' and 'Blow Up.'

It's no secret that gold is rising — but we're not talking about the kind that's running 1,500 bucks an ounce. No, we're talking about Thomas Gold, the German DJ/producer who is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in dance music.

That's not to say that he's been off the radar — not by a long shot. In fact, Gold has been pumping out underground smashes for well over half a decade. It goes without saying that Gold's library is a trove of treasures just waiting to be explored, and anyone who hasn't listened to his catalog is in for a treat.

The humble Berlin native is taken back by the whirlwind of a year he's experienced.

"It's incredible for me. The development for the last nine months has been such an exciting thing. I would have never imagined that," Gold told MTV News in Miami. "It all started from being a part of the Size [Records] family and now Axtone. I'm working with the guys now very closely — I'm always in touch with Max Vangeli and AN21 and Norman Doray. So we are all like a big family."

The camaraderie developed around the various Swedish House Mafia-associated imprints have certainly shed well-deserved light on artists like Gold. And now, with this new forum to communicate music to the world, take note: The Thomas Gold era might very well be upon us.

"It started [last] summer when I was playing one of my new tracks in Stockholm, and AN21, Steve [Angello]'s brother, came to see me play," he recalled. "And I was playing this track ['AGORa'], and [AN21] was like, 'What is this? What the f--- is this track? I've gotta have this!' So I told him this was my new track, and I sent it to him the next day. I got some feedback from Steve and him, and I said, 'OK, let's do a deal for Size!' "

After the global success of "AGORa," which has proven to be one of the must-have house tracks for 2011, Gold got the call from Axtone Records and was asked to team up with none other than Swedish House Mafia's Axwell on an original collaboration. After knocking the remix of Hard Rock Sofa and St. Brothers' "Blow Up" clear out of the park, the pair decided to join forces on still-unreleased house thumper "Sing to Me," which they began testing in Miami.

"We're actually trying to put a vocal on it, and we tried a couple of things. The instrumental I'm already playing down here, and Ax played it as well, so it went on very well. We get good reactions, but I want to get it just perfect before we put it out," he said of the new cut. "It's a very melodic track and with a big breakdown section with some nice piano sounds. So I'm hoping to get it released in early summer. We're starting to try and promo it a little right now."

Gold certainly had the opportunity to do so as he took Miami by storm, with sets at Mansion, Mokai, Nikki Beach and, of course, the Swedes' Masquerade Motel. And he hasn't slowed down since. Before rounding out April with sets at the Creamfields UK tour and Dirty South's Starphazing show at Ministry of Sound, Thomas Gold hits the Big Apple on Saturday alongside Axwell at the Roseland Ballroom.

Have you caught any of Thomas Gold's live sets? Obsessed with "AGORa" or "Blow Up"? Let us know in the comments below!