Tyga Told Chris Brown To 'Rap If That's What You Feel'

Young Money upstart tells 'RapFix Live' he told the singer-cum-MC, 'Do whatever makes you comfortable.'

Tyga hit the "RapFix Live" couch on Wednesday and among the many topics he discussed was his friendship with Chris Brown.

In the wake of Brown's damaged reputation after his infamous altercation with Rihanna in 2009, Tyga became one of the beleaguered R&B singer's trusted confidantes and musical collaborators. The pair released the joint mixtape Fan of a Fan in 2010, and the single "Deuces" from the project went on to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The Grammy-nominated song was a natural result of the two artists getting to know each other better.

"I could tell after the situation, he wasn't comfortable about doing certain stuff because he was listening to the wrong people or just listening to the media and stuff and it was eating him up as an artist, creatively," Tyga told MTV News. "We just hung out. We didn't even start doing music. I didn't even pressure him to get on no songs with me or anything. He used to just come to the studio when I was doing mixtape stuff and just vibe. We used to sit there and just chill, joke all day and then have fun."

During that period Brown, who was known for dropping pop/R&B hits like "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and "Forever," began recording music that showcased him not only as a crooner but as a rapper. Such is the case on the recent chart-topper "Look At Me Now," featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, off Brown's F.A.M.E. album. And Tyga told us he fully supports Brown's MC aspirations.

"When he started rapping I was just like, 'Rap, if that's what you feel like, rap,' " Tyga said. " 'Do whatever makes you comfortable. You can't wait for somebody else. Your fans they love you for you. We can shoot these mixtape videos,' and that's what we started doing. We shot like four videos back-to-back."

Those videos were for "G Sh--," "Holla at Me," "Deuces," and "No BS," which all featured Brown and first appeared on Fan of a Fan.

While Tyga helped Chris Brown come out of what has been the lowest point of his fairly young career with his musical mojo intact, the Compton rapper never considered any backlash he may have received because of the alliance.

"I mean, I didn't do anything wrong, so why would I get fault for it?" Tyga said. "I'm just a friend supporting and just helping out. I was a fan of him. I'm not gonna [go], 'Oh, he did something bad,' and follow the rest of the crowd. I don't judge people like that."

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