Paul McDonald: Even Grandma Asked Me About Dating 'Twilight' Star

'American Idol' castoff tells MTV News he 'can't really get used to' media interest in his relationship with Nikki Reed.

Last week, Paul McDonald was sent packing from "American Idol." This week, he's opening up about his life on the show — saying he wasn't "comfortable" doing covers — and, somewhat reluctantly, discussing his life off of it.

Specifically, his relationship with "Twilight" star Nikki Reed, which has become the subject of endless media attention in recent weeks, and has only reached its peak now that McDonald's off "Idol."

And while he's not opposed to talking about Reed, McDonald told MTV News that he'll probably never get used to doing so; the same goes for all of the attention the couple have been garnering, for that matter.

"I mean, you can't really get used to that, you know? It's funny how, like, your personal life becomes such a crazy new thing," he said. "I guess I kind of realized it when I talked to my grandma on the phone, she was like, 'Who's this new girl you're dating?' And I'm like, 'How do you know about this, Grandma?' And she's like, 'I got a magazine at the grocery store!' I was like 'Oh gosh, it's started.' I haven't really gotten used to that ... you can't really get used to that stuff."

Still, he realizes that dealing with media attention is just part of his newfound fame; so, no, McDonald isn't planning on shutting down any particularly salacious interviewers any time soon, but he's also not going to pay attention to what they say if he does.

"I don't really get involved in the whole thing, you know? I don't read too much stuff online. I get nervous because I don't want to see what people are saying about me. So, I'm just doing my thing," he smiled. "We're good, we're really good. She's a sweet, nice lady, and she's been supportive through all this stuff."

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