'Lemonade Mouth' Stars Talk Possible Tour Plans

'It's up to the people,' Disney co-star Blake Michael tells MTV News about the fictional TV band.

The Disney Channel's latest movie, "Lemonade Mouth" debuted over the weekend. The feel-good flick about a ragtag group of teens who form a band named Lemonade Mouth is based on the book by Mark Peter Hughes, and last week we caught up with the gang who told us they'd be down to hit the road for a tour — if the fans want it.

"We have no idea," co-star Naomi Scott explained to MTV News about potential plans to take the TV band out on the road. Her co-star Blake Michael added, "It's up to the people."

The group has already performed on "Good Morning America," hitting the stage last week. And Hayley Kiyoko said if they were tapped to hit the road to perform tracks from the movie, they'd certainly have the skills to pay the bills.

"I think we all love performing and we're all very musically inclined and if we get a tour, that'd be awesome," she said. "We're just enjoying what's going on right now and performing and we're gonna keep doing it whether or not there's a tour or not."

Disney has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to launching the next big thing (Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, to name a few), but regardless of what happens next with Lemonade Mouth, Scott said that they're just living in the moment.

"I don't think that we are trying to be anything; we're just who we are," Scott said. "We are who we are, like we're just ourselves and wherever that takes us; it's not sort of a planned route. We'll see."

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