'Your Highness' Isn't A 'Spoof,' Danny McBride And James Franco Say

'What was interesting about the movie was making a fantasy action movie and then figuring out how to make it a comedy,' McBride says.

For all the nonsensical zaniness, toilet humor and general buffoonery audiences can expect when heading to see the Danny McBride/ James Franco buddy comedy "Your Highness" this weekend, it's always nice to know that the stars and filmmakers involved have methods to their madness.

When MTV News caught up with chief mischief-makers McBride and Franco while promoting their R-rated action comedy, we asked them to explain the film's varying tones and cross-genre references.

"It was important for us to skip the spoof aspect of this," said McBride, who plays the bumbling slacker Thadeous. "That would be the easy way out, and to us, the challenge and what was interesting about the movie was making a legitimate fantasy action movie and then figuring out how to make it a comedy without blowing the fantasy out of the water and still keeping that."

Franco, who plays Thadeous' more respectable brother Fabious, added that it wasn't just about getting the tone right.

"I think one of the things [director] David Gordon Green is a master at is mixing different elements on all levels," he said. "You have a great comedic actor like Danny McBride and then you'll have these well-respected British stage actors — Toby Jones and Charles Dance — and he'll mix them all together in this world, [along with] incredible CG-created creatures and a puppet for a different creature," he said. "So to mix all those different elements into one world is something I think David does that is very, very fresh."

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