Katy Perry Says Her 'Honest' Anthems Are Highlight Of Arena Shows

'When I'm playing 'Firework,' the whole arena literally moves up and down,' she tells MTV News.

Katy Perry has been hitting the road on her California Dreams World Tour, which hits the States in June. Her colorful live show includes costumes to match and choice cuts plucked from the singer's repertoire. Some of those tunes, specifically songs from last year's Teenage Dream, are proving to be more than just a good time for fans — they're also inspirational.

"I always want to be completely honest and, for this record in particular, I knew from the outside world, a lot had changed. [But] I was hoping that I was still the same me, [the] kind of quirky, weird-perspective girl that I've always been," she told MTV News recently. "But you know, there was a lot of distraction and glitz and glam. When you get to a certain point, you have to push it all away and remember what your core is, and that's what I did for this record."

So, before she hit the road or the recording studio, Perry headed home to Santa Barbara, California, and took it all back to the beginning, before she was a famous pop star with an over-the-top life.

"I started writing songs like 'Firework' and 'Teenage Dream' and songs that I think now are anthems for people," she explained. "When I'm playing 'Firework,' the whole arena literally moves up and down. It's the song that people are holding onto and inspired by."

Perry admitted that something as simple as a Hollywood party can be fun fodder for a song, but these days she likes to go a little deeper. "I feel really happy that I took that time to not write about DJs and fame, the materialistic world, which is great 'cause I love those glitz-and-glamour bells and whistles, but I know people connect to more substantial [lyrics]."

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