‘Harry Potter’ Epilogue Was ‘Really Weird,’ Bonnie Wright Says

'Being a mother with three children suddenly when you're young is quite a big [change],' she tells MTV News at DVD premiere.

For the most devoted “Harry Potter” fans out there, the countdown has already begun in anticipation of the final film release, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.” Over the weekend, we got a sneak peek at Harry Potter: The Exhibition , as well as a few exclusive clips from the “Deathly Hallows, Part 1″ DVD/Blu-ray.

At the DVD premiere, we asked actress Bonnie Wright about the experience filming the franchise’s highly anticipated “epilogue” sequence , in which all the characters appear as themselves, only 19 years in the future.

“It was really weird,” Wright said of seeing herself in makeup made to look like a woman in her 30s. “People said, ’Don’t worry, you look good for 35!’ ”

Wright said the experience was a lot of fun, mostly because she had to embody a completely new aspect of her character, Ginny Weasley-Potter.

“Being a mother with three children suddenly when you’re young is quite a big [change],” she said. “It’s strange, because obviously [when] I started, my first scene ever filmed was on the train platform 9 3/4, and then we came back to shoot some more before Christmas, and it was back at platform 9 3/4, so I finished, and it was like this amazing cycle.”

Regarding the scenes she’s most looking forward to seeing in the final film, Wright said she’s pumped to see the final battle.

“I think I’m mainly looking forward to the epic battle that is to come,” she said. “See[ing] the power of good triumph over evil is going to be satisfying.”

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