'Britney Spears: I Am The Femme Fatale' Takes Fans Behind The Scenes

Spears opens up about her life and music and takes fans to her Las Vegas show in new MTV special.

Britney Spears brought fans and MTV cameras along as she prepared for the release of her latest album, Femme Fatale, resulting in the MTV special "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale." In the show, which debuted on MTV on Sunday, Spears works to put the finishing touches on one of the tracks on the album, the will.i.am-produced "Big Fat Bass."

"I love his work. He's all over the place. He's brilliant," she told Sway Calloway about hooking up with the Black Eyed Peas mastermind. "When he does talk, he blows you away."

Of her ability to work hard and fast in the studio, she said, "That's the way I've always been. I'm there to work, I'm very professional," later adding, "I really like to choose songs that empower people. I have a team of people that I work with."

After meeting with will.i.am in the studio, fans get to see Spears on set as she shoots the Ray Kay-directed video for her single "Till the World Ends." Shot in a "grimy and gross" warehouse, Spears worked to make sure that everything "looks fresh." "I feel like I've done so many videos, I'm at the point I want to enjoy myself," she explained of making videos a decade and a half into her career.

Spears admits that she's felt the need to create ever since she was a child, when her mother's friends would wonder why she was always jostling about. "When I was younger, I was busy, busy, and I was always singing and dancing all the time. I was just really creative," she recalled. "That's when my mom realized I'm a really creative person."

The pop singer explains that when she's not being a "perfectionist" at dance rehearsals, she's busy being a mom to her two sons, Jayden and Sean. "I'm usually pretty busy when I'm not working," she says. "I have two children, so I usually get them up in the morning, and I'm usually at the gym, and I help cook dinner sometimes ... a lot of the stuff that I do I do early in the morning when my boys are at school."

In the special, she and her assistant take a moment at a Starbucks before the Femme Fatale rehearsals really amp up, and she admits she needs those moments to breathe on occasion. "It was nice just to have a moment to ourselves to sit and talk about shoes," she said.

The special follows Spears in Las Vegas, where she puts on a surprise show for her fans at the Palms Hotel and Casino. "It was very exciting. The fans were amazing. It was good energy, especially when they're screaming," she said. "They hype you up and make you feel larger than life."

For now, Spears' life is her career and her family, and she says that she wouldn't mind doing this for the rest of her life. Or not. "I hope so," she said when asked if she'll still be doing this in her 50s, like Madonna. "Or maybe [I'll be] doing nothing!"