'Source Code' Requires A 'Leap Of Faith,' Director Says

Duncan Jones says if moviegoers can suspend disbelief, they'll 'go with it and enjoy the ride.'

In most cases, when we travel to the theater or sit down to watch movies, we're looking to be swept up by a great story, transported to other realms and just plain entertained. In doing so, however, there is an element of suspended disbelief that both filmmakers and audiences alike rely on in order to fully immerse themselves in a story.

And while the upcoming thriller "Source Code" is based in present-day reality, there are several elements that draw on the sci-fi and fantastical genres and, as such, rely on the audience to suspend disbelief a bit. When MTV News caught up with director Duncan Jones recently, we asked him to explain his strategy for presenting audiences with challenging ideas without making them too convoluted or confusing.

"Ben Ripley wrote the script, and I thought it was terrific," Jones said. "I thought, 'There are some heady ideas here,' and I think he's done a really good job of balancing what the audience needs to know and giving the audience enough rules that if you just invite them to take a leap of faith you'll go with it and you can enjoy the ride."

Jones went on to say that the one element they added to Ripley's story of traveling into people's brains during the last eight minutes of their lives was humor.

"I think one of the things we were able to do is lighten the tone, inject some humor into it so the audience is able to make that leap of faith and say, 'I understand you, I trust these rules you've set up, let's just see how the story goes.' "

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