Swedish House Mafia's 'One Night Stand': A Behind-The-Scenes Look

In case you've missed it, they're building a little something on the beach along 8th Street and Ocean Drive in Miami. No, that's not an airplane hangar, although it could just as easily be one.

We're just one day away from putting our "Masks On" and joining the Swedish House Mafia as they present their highly anticipated "Masquerade Motel: One Night Stand," a 10-hour mini festival featuring the likes of A-Trak, Armand Van Helden, Max Vangeli, AN21, Dirty South and Pete Tong, among others. Won't be in Miami? Well, you're in luck. MTV News was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the arena under construction when show director Christian Larson gave us a tour.

"The 'Masquerade Motel' was a concept that was born in Ibiza in Spain, where the boys have their club night every summer," he explained. "It's sexy, it's mysterious. It's nighttime in Ibiza — it's summer and it's hot — and that's what we're bringing together in the concept now, because we think it really works for Miami."

Taking over a full three blocks of beachfront real estate in the sand, "One Night Stand" is both physically and technically one of the biggest events ever held in South Beach.

"We've got about 110,000 watts of sound, just being loaded in right now, a whole lot of lighting, [and] about 700 square feet of HD video wall," Larson said. "So there's a lot of cool [things] to see!"

But the fun doesn't stop within the confines of the physical arena; the party will actually spill out onto another massive section of oceanfront sand, effectively doubling the overall footprint of the show.

"There's a huge area out there, there's going to be tanning beds [and] misters and bars and food," Larson said. There will also be plenty of bikini-clad fans of the international superstars, dancing the day away in the sand.

Swedish House Mafia members Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello wouldn't have it any other way. Being directly involved in the event's most minute details from conception to completion, the creativity and originality of the Swedes permeate every square inch of their Miami masterpiece.

"The guys always have so many ideas," Larson said. "And they obviously have a lot of new music prepared for the show that they're really excited to play to the crowd. They're so involved in everything, from the dress code to the sunbathing area to what things should look like to the VIP [area] and the pyros. 'We want more confetti! And more screens!'

"Steve was just here on the site and he said, 'We should have four huge JumboTrons on the beach so people can see everything from the water!' Larson continued with a laugh. "So we're just going to make that happen, I guess!"

While it hasn't yet been confirmed whether the last-minute big screens will indeed be in place for what is sure to be thousands of curious onlookers, fans do have a chance to get their hands on tickets if they partake in a little scavenger hunt that the boys have arranged. Just find all the "keys" posted around Miami Beach and you could gain access to one of Miami Music Week's most sought-after events!

Stick with MTV News for all of the "Masquerade Motel: One Night Stand" updates as well as all of the action from Miami Music Week!