Rebecca Black Went From 'Normal Teenager' To 'Friday' Fame

'I still question myself: 'Is this real? When am I gonna wake up?' ' Internet sensation tells MTV News.

In the wildly popular music video for her catchy single "Friday," overnight sensation Rebecca Black enjoys the simple things in life: "Kicking in the front seat, riding in the back seat" and, of course, having a whole lot of "fun, fun, fun, fun."

But since the 13-year-old's Ark Music Factory-produced vid has gone viral — 43 million views and counting — her life has turned into anything but normal.

From entering the top 100 on iTunes to toppling Lady Gaga (who recently called her a "genius") to Conan O'Brien making his own Rebecca Black-inspired day-of-the-week tune, it's safe to say that things have changed rather rapidly for the young star.

"I still question myself: 'Is this real? When am I gonna wake up?' " Black told MTV News about her sudden fame. When asked what's been the biggest change since "Friday" — which started making the rounds on the Web around March 14 — become a cultural phenomenon, a tongue-tied Black eventually said, "How many more times I get recognized."

In fact, Black, who said she was simply a "normal teenager at school" who was busy "looking at the cute boys" before all this started, is already learning some of the perils of fame at 13.

In addition to those pesky Internet haters, the singer admitted "realized I'm not just a normal teenager that can go into the mall and be a goofball," adding that she has to "worry sometimes about other people that are there."

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