Elizabeth Berkley's 'Ask Elizabeth' Book Tells Girls They're 'Not Alone'

'I think this was, honestly, the perfect time to write this book,' the 'Saved by the Bell' alum tells MTV News.

Elizabeth Berkley told MTV News it's "the perfect time" for her latest project, "Ask Elizabeth," a self-help book for teenage girls that dropped Tuesday (March 21).

The book is an expansion of her website of the same name launched back in 2006. Berkley, who has been married to actor Greg Lauren since 2008, started the venture after her husband mentioned the amount of teen girls coming up to her for advice.

"I think this was, honestly, the perfect time to write this book, because as we all know, in the media, for years now, people have been talking about the issues with our teen girls, but no one has really been talking about how to help our girls," the actress told MTV News. "I think now more than ever, there's a great need. The ability to know that they're not alone, and other girls are going through it too and how they can help each other."

The "Showgirls" actress also mentions that good relationships between girls are important, saying that "friendship is a really big core part of the book, because I know for girls ... friendships run so deep and I know that girls identify themselves some much by the group of friends they hang out with."

When Berkley played Jessie Spano on the '90s hit "Saved by the Bell," friendship was a big theme of the show. But while she still gets approached by fans who want her to re-create the now-famous "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so ... scared" scene from "Saved by the Bell," she said that period of her life isn't addressed in "Ask Elizabeth."

"I don't talk about the 'Saved by the Bell' time in the book," she said. "I talk about other periods in my professional life, but more having to do with me now as a woman."

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