Chris Brown Shares His Favorite F.A.M.E. Tracks

From 'Look at Me Now' to 'Bomb,' the singer describes his album's creation.

On Tuesday (March 22), the day his album F.A.M.E. was released, Chris Brown struggled, and failed to keep the conversation on "Good Morning America" about his music. And while it is impossible to ignore his reported outburst backstage, following a line of questioning about Rihanna, the music is still worth talking about too. On F.A.M.E., Brown showcases his saccharine vocal pipes, and the accompanying production is designed to put swift feet in motion. Here, he shares his favorite tracks with MTV News:

"Look at Me Now"

"That's my first rap kind of video," Brown said of his lead single. "And I wanted to do old school; well, not old school, but like back in the day, when I was growing up as a kid. The '90s feel and big, baggy clothes. It's abstract, a lot of art and graffiti. I tried to blend it all as one to make it exciting."

"Beautiful People" (featuring Benny Benassi)

"It's my new song and featuring the producer," Brown explained. "We got a chance to work together and with Jean Baptiste, as well. It wasn't a selfish record, it wasn't me bragging or boasting or talking about cars or money or girls. It was me being able to inspire people with dance music. We have a lot of tragic things going on and the world needs to come together as a whole and stop the negativity."

"All Back"

"It's more live," Brown said. "It's one of those incredible records that have more feeling and soul. And you get a chance to hear my vocal ability on it."

"Next to You" (featuring Justin Bieber)

"Being able to collaborate with him was great," Brown said. "He's a young, energetic cat. Being able to work with him and the fanbase he has is incredible. [Laughs.] I know a lot of little girls are gonna like the record. It's gonna be incredible to see ... not my protégé, but he's doing his thing at a young age, and I was dong mine at a young age, so being able to see him come up is dope."

"Bomb" (featuring Wiz Khalifa)

"It was one of those records that was spur of the moment, so it's confusing at the same time," Brown said. "Jean Baptiste had brought the beat in and was like, 'This beat is crazy.' So, then I did a verse, and Wiz came by the studio just to chill, and I asked him, 'Do you want to put a verse on it?' And he was like, 'Sure.' It was just all of us hanging out. We build those relations off of working and our environment. It's not even about records or being an artist, it's just about us hanging out. So it was just a fun, fun track. And it came out to what it is, the bomb. [Laughs.]"