Jennifer Hudson Says R. Kelly, Alicia Keys 'Gave Me My Sound' For I Remember Me

Singer calls Kelly's ability to channel her 'kind of creepy.'

On Tuesday, Jennifer Hudson drops her new album, I Remember Me, and it seems the artists she worked with on the record also remembered her. For the release, she hooked up with Alicia Keys and R. Kelly, who seemed to channel the singer perfectly — almost too perfectly.

"R. Kelly was writing for me at the time, and I didn't even know it, and they just sent me this song," she recalled to MTV News about the track "Where You At." "You don't want to get your hopes up too high of being able to work with someone like R. Kelly, and when they sent the song, they told me, 'Kelly put up a shrine of pictures of you to channel you, and he created this song.' "

Whatever he was doing seemed to really work, as Hudson explained: "It was kind of creepy to me, because when I heard the song, I was like, 'Oh my god! ... He's, like, giving me me! This is what I would do! This is something I would say.' And I hadn't even met him until after ... and I'm like, 'This is bizarre.' "

Crediting Kelly and Keys, Hudson notes that "they gave me my sound."

And it seems whatever otherworldly bond she had with Kelly, she had a more-grounded one with Keys, with whom she worked on the songs "Angel," "Everybody Needs Love" and "Don't Look Down."

"I must say that working with Alicia was my favorite sessions in the recording studio ever, and I think it was partly because ... it was a learning experience," she said about Keys, who gave birth days after their sessions. "She's just amazing to work with. We had such a good time together. ... It was an amazing, fun experience."

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