Tyler The Creator Announces Goblin Date, Dismisses Blog Haters

The Odd Future frontman says he's not worried about ' people who don't get it' when his album drops May 10.

After taking the stage at the mtvU Woodie Awards on Wednesday, [artist id="3850758"]Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All[/artist] are set to invade retail.

The L.A. hip-hop clique's frontman Tyler the Creator will drop his next solo album, Goblin, on May 10. While to date most of Odd Future's music, including Tyler's debut Bastard, was made available for free online, Goblin is being released via XL Recordings in a one-album deal.

XL posted a "preview" of Goblin on the site buffalo-bill.net, which features a few bars of a track and a richly colored photo of Buffalo-Bill.net at age 19. The image explodes revealing the words "F--- 2Dopeboyz & NahRight," directed at a pair of influential hip-hop blogs Tyler has scorned for allegedly neglecting to post his early material.

The album's title won't dissuade those who have labeled Tyler and his band of boisterous rappers as "horrorcore" in the vein of Gravediggaz, however much the group disputes the name. Tyler points to Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt's music video for "Earl," taken from his album Earl, and its images of violence, vomiting and profuse bleeding, amid the potent rhymes, as the source of the confusion.

"Because of his album, they label us horrorcore," Tyler told MTV News. "Because of the video and what he talks about more so. I know that for a fact ... but I hate that sh--. People who say that don't really listen to it. I don't see how Satanism, which I don't practice, or my religion ... how does that coincide with horrorcore? So I'm guessing any person who's atheist is automatically horrorcore and any person who is Christian is automatically a pop artist?"

Tyler plans on spending less energy focusing on people who he feels don't comprehend the music Odd Future are creating.

"Those are people who's oblivious, and who don't get it," Tyler said. "I have to just stop tripping and being so aggressive and understand that the people who don't get it are the people who's not supposed to get it and never gonna get it, and I shouldn't have to worry about them."