Above & Beyond's Tony McGuinness Turns Breakup Into 'Sun & Moon'

Trance group gears up for Miami music week with their newest single.

For Above & Beyond, and their loyal following, these are exciting times. With Miami's annual Anjunabeats party on the horizon (at the Ice Palace on March 24), and their highly anticipated second studio album, Group Therapy, out in June, 2011 is shaping up to be a massive year for the U.K. trance trio. The album's first single and video, "Sun & Moon," recently hit the Web, and MTV News had the chance to catch up with one third of the collaborative, Tony McGuinness who gave us a little insight into the story behind song.

"It was written about the same girl [Katy] that a lot of our early songs were written about," McGuinness told MTV News. "It was a contender for the OceanLab album [Sirens of the Sea], but for many reasons, it didn't make it on. It's gone through a number of incarnations, and I think the reason why we were really happy for it to be the first single is that the sound of it is very now. ... It is kind of classic Above & Beyond, a sad song — and that's sort of what we do. I think when we do it well, we do it as well as anybody. That's kind of our trademark, really."

The video, directed by Ferry Gouw, stars Alex Childs and Steve Cato as a feuding couple who have entered that "one last try" phase of a failing relationship that ends in a breakup. Eventually, she leaves him, and he turns to music and dancing for comfort.

"I think everybody that you spend time with in your life, you learn from and grow through that period, and certainly that was true with Katy," he explained. "So, she's in my past, she's a 'failed relationship,' but to me it was anything but a failure. And that's what this song's really trying to say, you know, whatever experiences you have, romantic or otherwise with people, there's always a part of that relationship that lives on in your memory, hence the line, 'You'll never get over me, I'll never get over you.' I think those things are important. We're still friends. I'm not sure how she feels about me writing about the darker parts of our relationship all the time, but, you know, I think that's part of the inspiration that you get from other people."

McGuinness defines "Sun & Moon" as a sequel to the smash single "Alone Tonight", from 2006's Tri-State.

"I really wanted to make sure that we represented the album, which I think 'Sun and Moon' does," McGuinness said. "[It's] smack back in the middle of what the album's about. So I think sonically and musically and lyrically, it's a very good advert for the album."

Will you be checking out Above & Beyond at their annual Anjunabeats party at the Ice Palace in Miami on March 24? Come say hi to the MTV News crew and let us know what you think in the comments below!