'Glee'-Cap: The Surprise Kiss We'd Been Waiting For

Kurt and Blaine's lip-lock overshadows Regionals and original songs.

It wasn't exactly the original songs, nor the Regionals victory that had "Glee" fans squee-ing on Tuesday night. Not after that long-awaited Kurt and Blaine kiss. Of course, we've got an original song of our own to share, and nary a fishhook in sight. Sing along!

New Directions try original songs,

They'd do anything to get ahead of the pack.

But their self-penned tunes are all wrong,

They're even worse than "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

Although "Trouty Mouth" made me laugh out loud,

And Mercedes' solo made me wish that I was

Black and proud.

Rachel's ballad had an Evanescence sound.

I don't buy that with these songs they won the Regional round.

Pavarotti died suddenly,

One less character for Ryan Murphy to write.

Kurt sings a lovely eulogy

In the midst of a Warblers fight.

Kurt calls Blaine out for being an attention whore.

He finally solos but the camera stays on Blaine more.

Blaine realizes it's Kurt that he adores,

But nothing could prepare me for ...

They kissed!

Holy sh--!

Cue the confetti and make a gif!

Since introducing Darren Criss,

They've been promising just this.

I can't resist

All of this bliss

When these two lock their lips.

But now I want to say to everyone else, "You are dismissed."

They swapped spit!

It was the sh--!

I wanna celebrate and get lit!

I'll be the first to admit

I didn't think Blaine would ever commit,

But it's legit

A number one hit.

I hope that they never quit.

We waited so long, and it was worth it!

(It was worth it)

Sitting through Sue becoming even more cartoony.

(It was worth it)

Suffering through all those bad original ditties.

(It was worth it)

Staring at Kathy Griffin's face-lifts in HD.

(It was worth it)

Religious singing groups are an easy target, "Glee."

It was worth it

Oh, so worth it

Keep on workin' it

Don't give up on it

I love my Klaine


By Mennen!