Nelly And Kelly Rowland's 'Gone' Video Hits The Net

Reunited artists frolic on a beach in flirty new clip for follow-up to smash 'Dilemma.'

[artist id="760701"]Nelly[/artist] could have been channeling Rick James on his Teena Marie-featuring classic "Fire & Desire" when the St. Louis rapper first sets eyes on [artist id="1231569"]Kelly Rowland[/artist] in his latest video for "Gone": "It's really good to see you again and I must admit you're looking really nice these days," James says, and Nelly seems to echo those sentiments in the brand-new clip, which leaked on Tuesday (March 8).

(Check out photos of Nelly and Kelly Rowland on the set of "Gone.")

The pair reconnect on the Jim Jonsin-produced (and Rico Love-penned) track from Nelly's 5.0, a reunion for the artists, who scored a hit years ago on 2002's "Dilemma."

In the video, Nelly and Rowland are both vacationing on an island resort, when the rapper spots the singer lounging out in the sun and is stopped in his tracks. Throughout the visual, they take turns not only crooning to each other but also pining for the other.

"I don't want to say it's a sequel. I don't want to diminish anything with 'Dilemma' or have an expectation you can't live up to when you do that," Nelly told MTV News last year about "Gone." "When you do that type of thing, there's people who are already, 'I don't wanna hear it. It's supposed to be "Dilemma." ' You already being negative [before] pushing the button!

"It's one of those things where we did reconnect," he continued. "Our chemistry has already proven to be good, whether it was onstage or in the studio. It was something that we wanted to reconnect with. It was produced by Jim Jonsin. ... It's a cool joint. I think people will get it. It can never be 'Dilemma,' but we wanted to extend the story. It's continuing the story a little bit more, seeing her again."

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