Christina Aguilera Hit With Lawsuit

Suit alleges Sony Music paid wrong group to sample song for use in 'Ain't No Other Man.'

Sorrows continue to come as battalions for pop superstar Christina Aguilera who, less than a week after getting arrested for public intoxication, may be back in hot water again due to a federal lawsuit filed against the singer and Sony Music by TufAmerica, according to

The lawsuit, filed in New York, claims Sony paid the wrong distributer for rights to the 1968 song "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut" by Dave Cortez and the Moon People, which Aguilera sampled for her Grammy winning hit "Ain't No Other Man."

TufAmerica reportedly owns the rights to the song, which Sony arranged to sample through deals with Condigo Mysic and the Clyde Otis Music Group. TufAmerica is seeking to nullify other publishers' claims to the rights, as well as punitive damages.

The lawsuit comes at the tail end of a rough year for the 30-year-old diva, which began with the poor sales of her album Bionic and continued with a canceled U.S. tour, a flop in her big-screen debut "Burlesque" and a divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman.

Aguilera's woes got worse in 2011, with a now infamous flub of the National Anthem during the Super Bowl pre-game show, and an arrest on March 1 for public intoxication.

"She was not capable of taking care of herself. ... She was incapacitated, not belligerent, but just intoxicated," Los Angeles County Sheriff's department spokesperson Steve Whitmore said of the arrest in a press conference.

Aguilera will not be prosecuted for the misdemeanor offence.

"Ain't No Other Man" was the lead single on Aguilera's third album Back to Basics. For it, Aguilera won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.