Aubrey O'Day's Over-The-Top Doggie Love Makes For A TV First

'All About Aubrey' reality star calls her pups 'the loves of my life.'

There are moments in television that go down as "TV firsts," and on the premiere of Aubrey O'Day's reality show, "All About Aubrey," on Monday night, that moment occurred around minute 32.

To put it delicately, O'Day gets the idea to preserve her Pomeranian's prosperity by collecting and freezing his, um, sample. Don't let it throw you that his name is Mary Ann: O'Day says in her household, "We don't do gender-bias names."

In the scene, O'Day tasks her roommate/assistant with collecting the canine donation with a do-it-yourself kit (the miracles of the Internet!). After the assistant has some difficulty finishing the job, O'Day takes matters into own hands — literally. "Can we get him a hot towel?" O'Day asks at the climax of the scene.

With the mission completed, the future is secure for the next generation of Mary Ann's, along with its place in TV history.

Of her rather-extreme devotion to her pups, O'Day told MTV News, "I actually just got a Twitter from someone saying that I'm like the canine version of 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' which I really do believe. Not in like a stage-mom crazy kind of way, but my dogs are so pampered and are the loves of my life, and they are everywhere I go and then some."

In this case, place the emphasis on "and then some."

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