Lady Gaga Wanted 'Born This Way' To Be 'A Viral Message'

'BTW' video creative director Laurieann Gibson says Gaga recruited director Nick Knight to push the envelope.

If it wasn't clear from watching Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video, the singer intended for the over-the-top clip to be a visual spectacle. And that's why she wanted fashion photographer Nick Knight onboard to direct.

"Well, that was completely from the gate. She was like, 'I want Nick Knight for this video, I want a visual,' " the video's creative director, Laurieann Gibson, explained to MTV News. "She was always birthing something visual in her head. [Knight's] prolific, but he's so genius visually. He's such an Englishman. He's so particular and everything must be spot-on. [The video] was about a beautiful photograph and it was about pushing the bar; it is a viral message. Nick was flawless."

Many of the visuals in the video are tied to the dance, which Gibson choreographed for the splashy sci-fi-style video.

"At first, when I thought about birthing a new race and adding the prosthetics, I thought that maybe they should have a certain way they should walk or maybe they move a certain way, but then I realized it is actually a race within our race; it's a mindset," Gibson recalled. "So they don't have to walk funny," she said of the figures in the video.

Instead, Gibson focused on how she to interpret the song's feel-good message in the moves. "So I just told the story of the record," she said. "We birth ourselves out of the womb. There's lots of pushing and birthing [in the video]. There's lots of punching through the adversity, and then we go to church. So it's very symbolic, it's really based in modern dance: She's doing [Martha] Graham. She's doing [Lester] Horton. These are legitimate dance techniques."

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