Charlie Sheen Gains Instant Twitter Following Amid New Legal Battle

While the actor defiantly tweeted about 'winning,' his sons were reportedly removed from his home.

It's been hard to turn on a TV or a radio over the past week and not see or hear Charlie Sheen. The "Two and a Half Men" star has been on an epic tear since production of the #1 sitcom on TV went dark following his tirades against its creators.

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And though he's paid visits to the "Today" show, "20/20," Howard Stern, Piers Morgan's CNN talker and a half a dozen 3rd other outlets, Sheen apparently felt that the message about his tiger-blood-pumping veins and live-in goddesses wasn't being heard loud enough, so he did what any self-respecting attention-seeking celeb does: He joined Twitter.

But this is the highest-paid actor on TV we're talking about, so it stands to reason that within the first 24 hours, he racked up hundreds of thousands of followers. How do you know it's really Sheen? Other than the fact that the @charliesheen account is verified, you need only look at the bio to know that it's Chuck himself. "Born Small... Now Huge... Winning... Bring it..! (unemployed winner...)," it reads, repeating the championship "winning!" soundbite that has become Sheen's catchphrase.

Sheen kicked off his Twitter life with that very phrase, writing on Tuesday, "Winning..! Choose your Vice," which was accompanied by a photo of him with one of his "goddesses" — ex-porn star Bree Olsen — as they hold out a jug of chocolate milk and a Naked brand juice.

Though he hasn't turned down many bookings, Sheen wrote a short time later, ""Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show ... I'd rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a '75 Pacer." With that he dissed the creator of "Men" and the pitbull cable talker in one fell swoop." A short time later, he Twitpic'd a photo of himself holding up a placard that read "Oscars 2011," featuring an image of an Oscar trophy with his head on it, followed by a pic of his hand wearing a watch that keeps "Warlock" time and what he called the "Class of 1927 ring 'Bambino U.' "

Among those sending their love was Diddy, who tweeted to Sheen, "Get dressed my man ... sending the driver!"�Other famous followers include Minka Kelly, George Lopez, Nicky Hilton, Will Arnett and boxer Floyd Mayweather, who wrote, "My man! RT @FloydMayweather Everyone needs to follow @charliesheen right now. #tigerblood."

In stark contrast to his chipper Twitter activity, on Tuesday night police came to his home to remove his young twins after his ex-wife took out a restraining order against him. Sheen updated his followers, writing, "My sons' are fine ... my path is now clear ... defeat is not an option..!"

Early Wednesday morning (March 2), Sheen appeared on "Today" to discuss the situation, with his lawyer sitting by his side. "This is now the challenge I claim to be looking for," he said, continuing his defiant tone though he admitted that he does not know where sons Bob and Max were taken.

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