'Hangover Part II' Trailer: The Five Coolest Moments

From the monkey on Bradley Cooper's back to Ed Helms' tribal face tattoo, we can't wait to hit this destination wedding.

Todd Phillips promised and he delivered. Last week, the writer/director — who these days can't seem to make an R-rated comedy that doesn't do mega-business across the globe — assured MTV News that the teaser trailer for "Hangover Part II" would be popping up online this week.

And pop up it has. True to Phillips' words the footage is "truly a teaser," with almost no dialogue and little hint about the events surrounding what clearly turns an innocent destination wedding in Thailand into a life-altering disaster. We do, however, contest Phillips' speculation that the teaser "might end up frustrating more than solving questions." While questions are hardly solved, we couldn't be more pumped finally to feast our eyes on official footage from the Memorial Day weekend release. Here are our picks for the five coolest moments:

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/five-coolest-moments-from-the-hangover-part-2-trailer/1658645/5724373/photo.jhtml"]Hotel or Prison?[/url]

In "The Hangover," Bradley Cooper and his pals find their way into one of the chicest suites in Las Vegas. Their digs in Thailand, alas, look more like the confines of a prison — less "King and I" than "Brokedown Palace." There's no way that this was their original resort locale. It's anybody's guess how and why they end up in this dump.

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/five-coolest-moments-from-the-hangover-part-2-trailer/1658645/5724374/photo.jhtml"]Say Goodbye to That Security Deposit[/url]

This image is a direct homage to the post-party scene in "Hangover": After swilling what turned out to be roofie-infused booze, the friends awoke in their trashed Vegas suite, each one nursing a nuclear headache as a tiger roamed freely in the bathroom. This time around, the morning after takes place in a decidedly less glamorous environment and the big cat is replaced by an oversize cockroach.

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/five-coolest-moments-from-the-hangover-part-2-trailer/1658645/5724375/photo.jhtml"]The Wolf Pack is Back[/url]

In the original film, Zach Galifianakis proudly — and nonsensically — welcomed the crew into his wolf pack. Disaster ensued. This shot shows the gang back together again. Missing, interestingly, is Justin Bartha, who went missing in the first flick and whose absence in the new trailer seems to lend credence to the rumor that he'll once again disappear in "Part II."

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/five-coolest-moments-from-the-hangover-part-2-trailer/1658645/5724377/photo.jhtml"]Is This Kind of Nice?[/url]

The trailer's first piece of dialogue belongs to Galifianakis and it's, predictably, hilariously detached from what is clearly a seriously bad situation. Why else is a monkey wrapped around Cooper's neck? Why does Galifianakis look like a blind man shaved his noggin? And about Ed Helms' face ...

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/five-coolest-moments-from-the-hangover-part-2-trailer/1658645/5724378/photo.jhtml"]Mike Tyson, Trendsetter[/url]

Iron Mike's cameo in "Hangover" was one of the comedy's finest pleasures. And as we've seen from "Part II" photos, Helms somehow finds himself branded with Tyson's most infamous identifier: a tribal face tattoo. For a guy about to get married, that's just not a good look. As he says before hanging his head, "Oh god!"

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