Snoop Dogg And R. Kelly Strive For 'Greatness' On 'Platinum'

'Me and Kells understand who we are and what we do to make each other better,' Snoop tells MTV News.

West Coast icon [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist] and Chicago R&B veteran [artist id="10489"]R. Kelly[/artist] teamed up with production whiz kid Lex Luger for the booming track "Platinum." Snoop sat down with MTV News to talk about the track, which will be featured on his 11th studio album, Doggumentary, saying his and R. Kelly's approach to music is what made their partnership a natural and familiar fit.

"I think me and Kells understand who we are and what we do to make each other better," Snoop said. "He has a deep love for music, and sometimes he goes over the head of the people that's listening just like myself, because we're too in-depth with music. We don't just listen to our genre. We find ourselves enjoying all walks of music."

In his 20-year career, Snoop somehow possesses the hunger of a hip-hop up-and-comer. He explained the reason behind that drive and how R. Kelly helped him on this latest journey.

"We wanna be great. We don't wanna make cool records. Because any time I hear R. Kelly, he's great," the cool Californian said. "Whenever he hears Snoop Dogg, I'm great. So why not come together and make some greatness?"

The song, however, almost didn't make the final cut, as Snoop had finished up recording the album. Snoop's friend previewed the Lex Luger track for the rapper, which impressed him enough to jot down a few bars. After sending his sketch to Kelly, the crooner replied with his own rough demo, leading the pair to finally complete the record.

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