'Never Say Never' Director Wanted To Film Justin Bieber Haircut

'I would have brought a 3-D camera there,' Jon Chu tells MTV News of missing out on teen star's historic barber trip.

There are few celebrities these days that can set the news wires and Internets on fire by engaging in basic, everyday tasks. Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Kim Kardashian and, of course, Justin Bieber, are among the few whose every move is cause for Twitter trends and celebrations.

Case in point, Bieber's haircut. A photo of the 16-year-old's newly shorn locks appeared on TMZ on Monday, along with news that the clippings will be given to charity to raise money for various causes, including animal rights.

Naturally, Bieber's famously fluffy hair swoop has been the subject of innumerable news stories and tweets, so when MTV News checked in with his "Never Say Never" director Jon Chu on Tuesday (February 22), we had to bring up the very popular subject of Biebs' new haircut. Chu's only complaint was that Bieber didn't let him know about the momentous occasion.

"I would have brought a 3-D camera there," said Chu, who recently announced the release of a special "Director's Fan Cut" of the film. "I would have shot it for ['Never Say Never'] 3.0."

Chu went on to say that he won't miss the shaggy flip and heartily approves of Bieber's shorter 'do.

"Two thumbs-up for the haircut, for sure. He's wanted it for a long time," Chu told us. "I'm just happy for him because he's been holding on. He's like, 'I need to get the haircut, I want to get rid of it!' But he has his hair flip which he can't get rid of, but now it's R.I.P. hair flip."

We then pointed out that "R.I.P. hair flip" sounded like a perfect Bieber-related Twitter trending topic, and Chu informed us that we were way behind.

"It is a Twitter trending topic!" he said with a chuckle. "At least it was yesterday, last night."

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