Kevin Costner Will Be 'Pa' In 'Superman,' Sources Reveal

Reports say Oscar-winner will play Man of Steel's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, in Zack Snyder's reboot.

Kevin Costner is a man of interest for the Man of Steel, with director Zack Snyder and team keen to cast the "Bull Durham" and "Dances With Wolves" star in their Superman reboot, according to a

target="_blank">Deadline report.

Citing "well-placed sources," Latino Review reported that Costner will play Jonathan "Pa" Kent, Kal-El's adoptive Earth father. With the film shrouded in secrecy, though, it might take Brainiac himself to figure out exactly for what role Costner is being courted. But, given Costner's screen history in films like "Field of Dreams," the role of "Pa," played by Glenn Ford in Richard Donner's 1978 "Superman," seems likely.

What little is known about the film suggests Costner also could play the role of Perry White, editor-in-chief of Metropolis mega-paper The Daily Planet, or General Zod, hinted as a companion to a rumored fellow Kryptonian villain. It's possible Costner might even step into the shoes of fellow Oscar-winners Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey to play archenemy Lex Luthor.

Whoever he plays, Costner would be alongside Brit Henry Cavill, pegged to wear the Man of Steel tights in Snyder's re-imagining. Fans recently got their first glimpse of "The Tudors" star on the cover of Entertainment Weekly sporting a T-shirt with the iconic Superman shield.

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