Lady Gaga's Born This Way: What We Know So Far

MTV News rounds up what we know about the songs on the May release.

With months to go until we can get our hands on Lady Gaga's Born This Way, the pop star has been slowing leaking details about the vibe of the May 23 release. Fans have already heard the first single of the same name, and in several recent interviews Gaga has given out a few facts about the songs that fans will hear on the highly anticipated release. While we wait for more, here's a recap of what we know so far.

In the latest issue of Vogue, Gaga revealed that the album's next single is "Judas," which producer RedOne has described as shocking. "The melody sounds like it was written for the Ronettes," the Vogue writer comments. "But it is set to a sledgehammering dance beat and is about falling in love with backstabbing men of the biblical variety."

On Tuesday morning, Gaga confirmed to Carson Daly on Amp Radio that "Judas" will be the second single. "It's about always falling in love with the wrong man over and over again," she said. " 'Judas' is a very very dark song. It's rad."

She also told Vogue about another track on the record, "Americano," describing it as "a big mariachi techno-house record, where I am singing about immigration law and gay marriage and all sorts of things that have to do with disenfranchised communities in America. ... It sounds like a pop record, but when I sing it, I see Edith Piaf in a spotlight with an old microphone."

When Gaga called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday, she described the song "Government Hooker," which is "one of my favorites" and "has more of a hip-hop beat," she told Seacrest.

"We double-timed the beat. It's a super fast, really hard record, and the lyrics are really filthy. It's also empowering, but more in the direction of sexual female empowerment."

On Seacrest, she teased the lyrics to another song, "Hair." On it she sings, "This is my prayer that I'll die living just as free as my hair."

"It's really up-tempo. It's a club record, but has a Bruce Springsteen vibe," she explained. "It's really interesting because it's putting sax on a huge dance record."

She talked about "Hair" again when she visited New York radio station Z-100. "Some of those themes are explored more on this album. To put my money where my mouth is [regarding themes of empowerment on this song and album]." She went on to describe the entire album as "eccentric" during the chat.

Before we can hear anything new from Gaga, she did also reveal one new detail to Daly about the forthcoming video for "Born This Way," which will be about "the birth of a new race within the race of humanity. The birth of a new race that doesn't bear any prejudices.

"I think the most important thing is that I continue to grow, and I knew when I put 'BTW' it would be a transitional moment, because it doesn't sound like [my previous singles," she said, adding that it is the "marijuana" to the "heroin" of the album and that it is a much lighter song than "Judas."

And for those who can't wait, she had this to share while on Z-100, "I'm gonna be releasing about two to three songs before the album comes out on iTunes."