Blink-182 Might Tour With Kid Cudi, Travis Barker Hints

Blink-182 'definitely coming close' to finishing album, drummer says.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California — On Wednesday, Travis Barker set long-suffering Blink-182 fans' hearts aflutter when he told MTV News that the band's new album would finally be finished in "June or July," effectively ending two-plus years of speculation about the disc, their first since 2003's self-titled effort.

Of course, that announcement was also greeted with a fair amount of skepticism (sample joke: "June or July ... of what year?"), but, from the sound of things, Blink might actually be in the home-stretch, as Barker explained.

"Here's the thought process for the album," he said. "Build 20 songs, pick 12 we love, and then concentrate on those 12 songs until they're done, and then our album's finished ... and it's definitely coming close."

And all of that begs the question: Just what will the new Blink album sound like? We've already heard it described as "weird" and "expansive", but Barker — who on March 15 will release his long-in-the-works solo album, Give the Drummer Some — was willing to go one step further. To him, the album sounds like the logical extension of everything Blink did on their 2003 album, not to mention all they've done since.

"I think it's where you would think Blink would be right now," he said, "if you left off with our last album with us, and you follow each of our careers, and you know what we've done [since]."

As if all that chatter about the new album wasn't enough to get Blink fans excited, Barker had one more bit of information: There's probably going to be a tour in 2011.

"We are talking about taking Kid Cudi out for an amazing tour we may have planned for later this year," he revealed with a smile.

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