J. Cole Debuts 'In The Morning' Video Featuring Drake

Clip features footage of Cole and Drake's overseas concert.

Ah oui oui. [artist id="3216320"]J. Cole[/artist] just made the Valentine's Day deadline he set for his "In the Morning" video when the North Carolina product posted the Friday Night Lights clip — featuring an unknown French beauty — on his blog just as the clock struck midnight.

The visual is set in Paris, where Cole toured with Drake on the overseas leg of the Thank Me Later star's Light Dreams and Nightmares outing.

The production begins in split screen, with J. Cole getting fresh in his hotel room as his love interest simultaneously gets herself together in her flat. The two arrive at the night's venue, but while Cole is backstage with his barber and friends, his female protagonist sits through the sound check alone, bobbing her head to the L&X Music beat.

"Baby, you summertime fine/ I'll let you get on top/ I'll be the underline, I'm," Cole raps on the simmering track. "Try'na get beside you/ Like the number nine, dime."

During Drake's verse, the Toronto lyricist is featured live in concert footage, a conscious decision, according to Cole.

"I wanted to give a feel for how that tour felt," Cole told MTV News last week about the concept of the video. "And just the magic of that tour. To give people a look into that."

Cole and his French friend are spotted hanging out backstage before being joined by Drake later. As Cole's second verse starts, he and Drake are shown onstage performing together.

The other duo — Cole and his leading lady — soon depart the arena, however, first for a late-night bite and then to his hotel.

The following scene flashes to Cole's room, which is lit by the morning sunshine and occupied only by his friend and a Dreamville (Cole's crew) T-shirt.

"Cook a n---- breakfast after sex is like a reward," Cole raps on the track. "Then I go my own way/ You think about me all day/ That's just a warning, can I hit it in the morning."