Britney Spears' 10th 'Hold It Against Me' Preview Packed With Technology

Beauty shots of television monitors marks four more days until video premiere.

There are just four more days until [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]' "Hold It Against Me" video premieres, and the pop supernova continues to keep the suspense high.

After doling out super-short snippets of the visual to her latest dance floor-filler for over a week, the preview she gifted fans on Sunday (February 13) doesn't feature a flash of her toned legs or a scene where she and her dancers prepare to bust out some heart-racing choreography, but her presence is felt.

In the 10th, slickly produced teaser, a lofty chamber dotted with monitors looping many of her old videos takes center stage, as the bass from her insta-smash throbs in the background.

The seconds-long teasers will culminate in the premiere of the entire video, which goes down on MTV on Thursday at 9:56 p.m. ET, just before a brand new episode of "Jersey Shore." The video, which is the first single from her upcoming Femme Fatale LP, will also simultaneously premiere on

According to the video's choreographer, enduring days of teasers will be worth the wait. Dancer Brian Friedman recently assured MTV News that Spears is "definitely setting the bar" with "Hold It Against Me."

"She's showing that you have to push it as an artist: that you can't just settle, that you can't be calm with your choreography, that you have to make a statement," he said. "There's so many people out there competing in this world to be the queen of pop, and she's definitely claiming her throne."

Even with a top-flight track record of memorable clips, Friedman maintained that "Hold It Against Me" will be game-changing.

"Artistically, this video I think surpasses a lot of her other videos," he teased. "So many of her videos are iconic, though. You look at 'Toxic' and you look at 'Slave,' even 'Oops ... I Did It Again': People are gonna remember those videos forever. [In] '... Baby One More Time,' she made school-girl outfits relevant and so popular. This video is artistically a masterpiece, and I don't think that Britney has pushed the envelope in this way ever in any of her videos."

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