Justin Bieber Spits 'Won't Stop' Rap Live For MTV

Pop star says he wrote rhymes, which appear on Sean Kingston's new mixtape, King of Kingz.

Justin Bieber might be a teen singer, but he also has some rapping game. Last week, his lyrical skills were featured on the track "Won't Stop" off Sean Kingston's new mixtape, King of Kingz. On it, Bieber blasts those who might not believe in his staying power.

When he stopped by Friday to chat with MTV News, the pop star revealed that he was the one who penned those inspirational words: "It was a while ago. I did it in the studio. I wrote it though, just letting you guys know," he shared. "Probably all you haters saying, 'He didn't write that.' I wrote it."

He then spit the bars back to reporter Sway Calloway, without missing a beat, live in the MTV newsroom. "Yeah they talk, yeah they talk/ They don't walk the walk I walk/ I won't stop 'til I drop, until then I reach the top/ I'mma walk to where I need to be, walk the path of destiny/ Definitely been neglected but God is always testing me" he rapped. "Rest in peace to all the men that died who were protecting me/ People in this world just want to let it be/ John Lennon made it different/ Don't just let it be, set it free."

This isn't the first time Bieber has displayed his rap skills. He frequently raps Ludacris' verses when performing "Baby" live, and he released a rap track last year under the moniker Shawty Mane. "I just do it for fun. I just mess around. It's something I like to do," he explained.

In November, he told us, "You know,

href="http://rapfix.mtv.com/2010/11/02/justin-bieber-shawty-mane-might-come-back/#more-4773'">Justin Bieber is not a rapper, and it would just be lame if I came out rapping.

"It's lame anyway because I'm a pop singer, but I thought it was funny. I just did it as a joke. It wasn't like anything serious."

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