Rihanna 'Brought It' In 'Battleship,' Josh Pence Says

'I respect the fact that she's willing to put a lot on the line,' her co-star tells MTV News.

Our inner-10-year-olds have been excited for the film version of the game Battleship since it was announced last year. That childhood excitement veered into genuine adult interest, however, when the highly attractive cast was announced.

The easy-on-the-eyes lineup includes Alexander Skarsgård, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna and unseen "Social Network" actor Josh Pence (his body plays the other Winklevoss twin, while his face was superimposed with that of Armie Hammer's), to name a few.

When MTV News caught up with Pence at the SAG Awards on Sunday night, we asked him how it feels to be part of such a striking crew of actors.

"It's a great cast. It'll be a fun movie," Pence said. "I play a combat system coordinator in the CIC [combat information center] of a destroyer. The military loves their acronyms. It's basically just the second in command and the brains of the ship."

Regarding the film's origin, Pence echoed Skarsgård's earlier words, saying that the board-game aspect is a very small part of a much bigger concept. "It comes in, but it's a small part of it all," he said.

When asked about acting newbie Rihanna's talents, Pence said the singer held her own onscreen.

"I had a scene with Rihanna. She was great! She brought it," he said. "She came in, and I respect the fact that she's willing to put a lot on the line, and it's like Justin [Timberlake] with 'The Social Network,' " he explained of the two singers crossing over into acting. "You know, they've got a lot to lose and a lot of people judging them. It takes a lot of courage."

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