What Is Demi Lovato's Post-Treatment Plan?

Disney Channel is willing to wait until the star is ready to return to work, MTV News learns.

Last week, Demi Lovato left a treatment center after seeking help for personal issues. Before she entered treatment, Lovato had a big 2011 ahead of her. She was busy working on new music and was set to return to work on her hit Disney show, "Sonny With a Chance."

Lovato's post-treatment plan is still up in the air, but MTV News has learned that the Disney Channel will wait to begin working again with the star until her camp feels she is ready.

As for "Sonny With a Chance," for now, it will continue to focus on the show within the show, "So Random." Disney reps told MTV News that those sketches will eventually become a full series; production on the show began last week. Further information on "Sonny" was not made available at press time.

Lovato plans to tour later this year and will focus on making sure ticket prices are affordable for her fans. "I have best friends that aren't in the industry and are dealing with just buying groceries and things like that," she said about the solo trek. "So I want to do my part."

Prior to her treatment, Lovato had already begun work on new music, with producers like Timbaland wanting to work with the Disney star. Last year, when she spoke to MTV News about her next album, Lovato noted that she wanted to go more R&B.

"I would love for Drake to be on the album," Lovato said. "It's kind of like a pipe dream. I would also like to do a song with Trey Songz. It would be hot!"

The singer added that she wanted to show off her big voice on the upcoming record. "It's really nice to embrace it," she said. "I grew up singing R&B and then I grew up listening to rock, so it was kind of weird. But I'm kind of learning how to incorporate the two and I'm having a good time with it."

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