Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Gets Remixed

DJs and producers have begun putting their spin on Spears' banging single.

It didn't take long for the club scene to put their spin on Britney Spears' single "Hold It Against Me." In the weeks since the pop star released the hard-pounding dance cut, DJs and producers have begun work on making sure it bangs the club even harder.

A few days ago, house legend Paul Oakenfold revealed on Twitter that he was putting together a "HIAM" remix, tweeting, "I'm in the studio working on Britney Spears remix its going well." Oakenfold previously remixed Spears' "Gimme More."

While fans have yet to hear how Oakenfold plays with "Hold It Against Me," electropop act Robots With Rayguns already have released their own, space-aged rendition on the tune. Their version combines '80s-inspired synths, robot noises and sparse beats, while keeping Spears' vocals at the forefront of the track. It sounds like Kylie Minogue's version of dance pop, playing up Spears' sex-kitten image.

DJ Mike Rizzo has offered up his own take on "Hold It Against Me," subtitled "Funk Generation Club Mix," and it goes dark where Robots With Rayguns went light. Playing up the song's already-heavy electro and house groove, this remix sounds like it would be right at home at any given dance party, with its lopped vocals, sirens and thumping beat.

The dance community has been vocal about their support of "Hold It Against Me."

"The more the stuff that is underground becomes mainstream, the more the underground is gonna change," Skrillex told MTV News with regard to the Dr. Luke/ Max Martin-produced tune. "I think it's gonna inspire people to obviously do something different.

"I thought the track was great overall," he added. "I'll be honest, man: I love Max Martin. I think he's an absolute genius. And Dr. Luke did it, right? I think they are a f---ing dream team. I love the track!"

Meanwhile, super-producer David Guetta says he's all for the track and Spears' further journey down the dance rabbit hole.

"My favorite part is that dub step break. I think that's really cool," he explained to MTV News. "It's like the beat is really simple and you're like, 'OK,' and then there's this huge chorus it's like, 'OK,' but then when they come with that dub step break ... It gives a totally different approach to the record. I love this. It's surprising. It's a big record."

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