Rah Digga Says She Won't 'Get Caught Up' In Femcee Feuds

Ex-Flipmode MC tells Mixtape Daily battle between Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim and others is about 'celebrity,' not artistry.

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Can't a lady MC just spit anymore? With all the beefing going on between Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown and now, even Jackie O, lost in the shuffle is veteran rhymer Rah Digga.

The Dirty Harriet star recently headlined an all-ladies lineup in Los Angeles and next month she'll bring her talents to Brooklyn for a "Ladies First" show at Southpaw, alongside underground Toronto lyricist Eternia.

"To be honest, if you're an artist and you're just into the music, all that [beef] stuff is irrelevant," Digga told Mixtape Daily. "All that stuff they're fighting for has nothing to do with making good music or being an artist. It is what it is. It's a fight about being a popular celebrity. It has nothing to do with music. And I don't get caught up in that and I don't deal with anybody in it."

Instead, the New Jersey native continues to craft her well-received bars. The former Flipmode Squad member put out her Nottz-produced Classic LP last year, which was the first album by Digga since her 2000 debut. In the time elapsed since Dirty Harriet, the roaring female MC took up another trade and learned film editing at Manhattan's New York Film Academy.

Now, with backing from a new label, Raw Koncept, and one release already out, Digga promises a follow-up (and mixtape) are coming sooner than expected.

"[Classic] was just an album that I wanted to do," she explained. "I didn't have any A&Rs in my ears. I put it out with Nottz and there it was. I think a lot of artists really don't have that luxury, 'cause they're too busy having to follow the label protocol and stuff. It's one thing when you're coming into the game and making music and trying to find your footing in the industry, per se. So you roll with the punches, which is part of what I did with Dirty Harriet. Not the music. But the 'I don't care about going platinum in the first week.' I had other stipulations that I wasn't budging from.

"You won't have to wait another 10 years, I promise," Digga added about her follow-up.

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