Kanye West Reveals Jay-Z Joint Album Watch The Throne Release Date

Yeezy also tweets that 'All of the Lights' video will be out next week, and his new solo album will drop in the summer.

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] has a busy 2011 ahead.

The superstar MC tweeted about a slew of forthcoming releases on Sunday (January 23), and revealed that not only will his joint album with Jay-Z drop soon, but fans can expect a follow-up to November's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy once the weather heats up.

"I'll be back this SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH THE THRONE COMING IN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! 'Ye tweeted, adding that just months after the release of Fantasy he's gearing up for another solo outing. "MY NEW ALBUM COMING THIS SUMMER."

Yeezy also divulged that the visual to his colossal Fantasy posse cut, "All of the Lights," would be available soon, tweeting, "ALL THE LIGHTS VIDEO IN 1 WEEK!!!!!!" The Chicago rapper/producer also hinted that the vibe of his forthcoming tracks may have a classical touch, saying, "THIS IS HIGH END RAP MUSIC. I just threw some bassoon on this muthaf---a."

Jay-Z dished to MTV News in November that the duo's collaborative work will showcase 'Ye's finely tuned production skills.

"This is another level of that recording," Hov explained. "Because Kanye, I've seen him — really he's like a brother to me — I've seen him from the beginning to where he is now. And to see him as a producer and to see how he's growing as a producer and as an artist, for me, on another level, it's enjoyable. I'm watching the guy that I pretty much mentored become his own guy, with his own opinion. It's fantastic."

Frequent 'Ye and Jay collaborator Swizz Beatz has echoed Hov's "another level" description, telling MTV News earlier this month that judging from the Throne sessions he's participated in, the rap titans — who have already dropped the Lex Luger-produced single "H.A.M." — are "going to continue pushing the envelope."

"People don't understand that hip-hop got started from being rebellious to any rules," Swizz said. "Hip-hop has no rules, and the only reason hip-hop started getting rules [was] because of radio airplay, sales, different spins and trying to reach out to another audience. But Jay and Kanye got the audience already so they can do what they want to do, and I think that's what they doing, which is a great move."

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