Lil Wayne Calls Shooting 'Welcome To My Hood' Video 'Scary'

'I don't know about these n---as, but I'm scared of heights,' he tells MTV News on the set of DJ Khaled's single.

Even though the track "Welcome to My Hood" dropped just two weeks ago, DJ Khaled wasted no time getting his superstar homies to the M.I.A. to shoot the accompanying video.

Khaled — along with Lil Wayne, Plies, Rick Ross and T-Pain — headed to the Overton area of Miami on Thursday to shoot the 'hood-centric visual and told MTV News that the clip will reflect the same rugged bombast of the posse cut.

"We going in," he said, with his trademark hype-the-hell-out-of-everything energy. "This the movie: 'Welcome to My Hood,' biggest record in the country, hurtin' the streets right now."

Director Gil Green, who has helmed tons of Khaled visuals, said the video will demonstrate what the Miami DJ is known for: packing his visuals with A-list hip-hop names.

"DJ Khaled, he always brings the all-star team, and that's what he's doing today," he said. Green added that he was on hand to add artistic finesse to the clip. "We shooting a movie-type video — a lot of cinematic camera work and flavor and a lot of 'hood stuff."

Frequent Khaled collaborator T-Pain said the single from the We the Best Forever star's first Cash Money project is a follow-up to another major record, which also features the Auto-Tune king, alongside Trick Daddy, Ross and Plies.

"This one's special, 'cause everyone was asking for 'I'm So Hood' part two, and that's what we giving everybody," Pain explained. "So, you know, in due time, we gonna get to everyone's request, but right now, we just working on 'I'm So Hood' part two, 'Welcome to My Hood.' It's part two, and it's gonna do just as good as 'I'm So Hood.' "

"I'm So Hood (Remix)" alum Wayne was also around for the fun — although he did cop to getting shaken up while filming one of the scenes on a raised platform.

"We just shot a shot up there; it was super scary," Weezy said. "I don't know about these n---as, but I'm scared of heights."

Aside from briefly facing his fear for a dope "Hood" shot, Wayne, who was accompanied by Cash Money boss Birdman and Young Money honcho Mack Maine, maintained he was feeling good otherwise and admitted he had another mission to tackle off set: finding ladies.

"I'm fresh out," he said. " ... Holla at ya boy if you see me in the streets, baby."

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