Diplomats Say, 'Together, We Can Always Do Better'

Reunited Dipset show up for 'RapFix Live,' where Jim Jones says he's glad to have his 'brothers back.'

When it comes to the reunited Diplomats, the Harlem collective's spat was largely between frontman Cam'ron and capo Jim Jones.

Cam and Jim tossed barbs at each other during interviews, though they were civil enough to acknowledge their childhood friendship. And while Juelz Santana remained neutral for a long time (he eventually sided with Jones), it was Freekey Zekey who constantly urged the pair to put aside their differences.

"Zeke never had a problem with anyone, so he was always trying to get everybody to talk," Cam'ron told host Sway during the Dipset's appearance on "RapFix Live" on Thursday (January 20). "I think everyone just needed to come to an understanding. We could all do great by ourselves, but if we all together, we can always do better. Like Snoop said, I can do whatever I want by myself but when I'm with Dr. Dre, it's breakthroughs, it's miracles, it's stars and it's all types of things in the air."

The rift between Cam and Jones lasted roughly three years until last year when the two announced they'd reconciled; in April 2010 they revealed they were in negotiations for a new record deal. A month later, in Atlanta, the two made their most pronounced appearance together in years when they joined forces at a Converse-sponsored hoops tournament, where they took first place.

Since then, the Harlem crew have been back to their old tricks — with an added wrinkle in new affiliate and Cam protégé Vado — taking shots at Kanye West, re-injecting humor and irreverence back into hip-hop and talking the talk they often do.

In October, Jones spoke to MTV News about being in the studio with Dre, a precursor to their presumed new alliance with Interscope Records.

Now, Jones and company are basking in the glow that their comeback has sparked.

"It's a good feeling, above all," Jones said on "RapFix Live." "You got your brothers back. Me and Cam grew up since we were young. Me and Zeke since 2nd grade. We knew Juelz since he was a young teenager. It's a life-learning lesson. Above all, we kept the brotherhood; no one disrespected anyone. To know we all back, to know we all on the same playing field. The music is even better due to all the experience, walking in your own lane. And it feels good."

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