'American Idol' Season 10 Premiere: Fans Sound Off!

Fans review new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

The morning after the debut episode of season 10 of "American Idol," fans are saying the long-running reality singing program has regained some of its lost luster. Considering that the early audition rounds are usually filled with the most "entertaining" singers, a lot of that praise had to do with the bang-up job of new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

MTV News' comments sections and a special Twitter feed tied to our first-ever post-"Idol" live

stream were inundated with comments, rants and raves about Wednesday night's show, some positive, some negative and a few just plain angry.

"I thought Steven Tyler was hilarious," Garrett wrote. "I personally loved him, and I can't wait to see more." Ted agreed, adding, "My expectations were low but I thought they did good. I will watch it again."

Plipton approached the show with caution, fearing it would not be as good without beloved iconic "mean judge" Simon Cowell. "But I truly enjoyed it," Plipton said. "I thought Steven was hilarious and honest. I didn't expect much from him or Jennifer and I thought they did a great job. I think this season is going to be great. I loved their rawness and honesty. More than anything, I enjoyed Steven. He is a funny guy."

Sarah, however, was not won over. She said she watched Wednesday night's show, but would probably bail until the Hollywood rounds. "I used to enjoy the auditions, mainly for the bad ones," she said, offering an early assessment of the audition rounds. "But this season has fallen flat. Sorry, the goofs are just more entertaining."

DPB thought the show was just boring and suggested that none of the judges "know what they were talking about or doing," labeling Tyler's comments "superficial" and "obvious."

Over on Twitter, we were swamped with comments at the #idolwithoutsimon hashtag we created for the live stream. Mrs_FiFi said, "Steven Tyler made me forget all about Simon last nite. Steven is fascinating, funny & he can SING."

ArchuletaGirl begged to differ, though, tweeting, "Idol just isn't the same without Simon. These new judges keep getting suckered into putting bad people through."

Others dubbed Tyler "kinda pervy," possibly for the legendary rock star's long, lusty looks at some of the contestants and comments about their skirt lengths.

Adam Mersel had props for Lopez, opining that "J.Lo is poppin' on #A10. She knows what's up. And Steven Tyler is officially creepy. Oh Idol how I missed you."

What did you think of the first night of "American Idol"? Sound off in the comments below!

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