Joe Jonas Credits 'Tron' As Musical Influence For Next Album

'We are huge fans of the new 'Tron' movie,' Jonas says of what he and producer Danja are listening to.

When you listen to the Jonas Brothers' music, you might not think that electronic dance music has any influence on the famous trio. But for Joe Jonas, who is currently recording his solo album with producer Danja, that's the sound and mood he's going for.

For the last few years, Joe Jonas has released pop rock albums, with an emphasis on pop, whether on a "Camp Rock" or Disney TV series soundtrack or alongside his brothers as a regular JoBros album. The sound has worked for them, but now Joe is trying out something new and it is very, very different.

"I think for me the biggest influences are Daft Punk," he explained to MTV News in the middle of a recording session, with Danja by his side. "I love their music. There's a guy, Frankmusik, out of London, a lot of electro DJs out in Europe are doing some cool stuff right now."

Adding dance duo Justice as another influence for the album, which might be released before the end of 2011, Jonas said that he just wants people to have fun with this album. And given pop music's current dance vibe, it's clear that Joe is trying to be on the cutting edge. "I just listen to a bunch of stuff you dance to, kind of electro-based," he said. "A lot of stuff that's so amazing [that] you can create on the computer."

So, what's the one really big influence on this album? Well, it's not even a specific band. "I think, for both of us, we are huge fans of the new 'Tron' movie," adding that after seeing the film at its premiere, he knew that it had to be one of the reference points for this album.

Jonas originally wanted to make a more organic, adult-contemporary-sounding album, but ended up with more of a dance vibe. "To be able to go on a musical journey for a while and finally with finding Danja and working with him, we've been able to collaborate on something that really works for me," he explained. "And to find me and not try to mold it into something it's not, to try and be myself and my music and kind of tell stories and be honest and just have something ... when people hear it, hopefully they'll be able to dance to it and have a good time."

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