Lady Gaga Rep Debunks Leaked Song Rumor

'The reported leak is not a Gaga record,' rep tells MTV News about 'Animal.'

When a new tune called "Animal" hit the Internet on Friday (January 14), many fans believed that the song was a Lady Gaga leak. Its thumping beat, dance-floor-inspired melody and lyrics about sex could easily be features of a Gaga track. And indeed, the website hosting the alleged leak labeled it a Lady Gaga song.

But fans should know that "Animal" is in fact not a Lady Gaga song. "The reported leak is not a Gaga record," a rep for the singer told MTV News.

On the leaked track, a woman who sounds vaguely like the pop star sings, "I can see the way that you're looking at me/ Like you're hungry and I'm the only thing that you see/ Can't tame you from the way you're watching me/ Baby I'll keep you up all night/ Gonna tie you up/ I'll hit you right/ Animal, animal."

But new Gaga music is on the horizon. Born This Way is set for release on May 23, and Gaga will drop the first single from the album on February 13, the same day she is slated to perform at the Grammy Awards.

Last month Gaga revealed that she would be dropping her hotly anticipated single in February, and she let her little monsters know how excited she is to share the song with them. "Thank you for all of your support and I cannot wait to play you Born This Way. It is killing me," she said, adding that it will be "the greatest album of this decade. ... I promise you, I'll never let you down. And not for nothing: The album's finished and it's f---ing really good."